1969 The Start

What started out as an idea a group of young men held the first meeting in the late 60's (Tommy Ronan, Freddie Fleming, Eddie Marshall and John Hamiliton). Ballymun United FC was born. It was in this first meeting that the colors that are still teh main colours to this day are amber and black would be the primary attire for the club. The club would go on to teh compete in the AUL

1970 - 2000's

It was in the early 70's Ballymun united started playing home games at Balcurris. That became known as 'San Siro' as it was surrounded by the flats of the area. As Ballymun united started to climb the ranks in junior football we didn't have much success in terms of major silverware. With some heart aching defeats in the semi-finals of LJC. Ballymun United kept searching for the first major honor.

2000/2001 The Clean Sweep

Season 2000/2001, After defeat in the FAI Junior cup final the previous season and narrowly missing out on premier A title. Team managed by a combination of Noel Synnott, John Godfrey and Jimmy O'Neil. This season is the standout season for the club. Ballymun united went on to Win. FAI junior Cup, The league challenge cup(a.k.a Heineken Cup), The leinster Junior Cup, and the league title.

AUL to L.S.L

After some success in the AUL and Ballymun Unites decided to take the club in another direction and changed from the AUL to the Leinster senior league in 2014 and compete in Intermediate level football. Ballymun United had to spend 4 years climbing through the leagues for both Sunday and saturday. where eventually both teams would be competing in the top leagues of the L.S.L